Onvii Studios Scratch Session - Montreal

It is always interesting to attend something for the first time, especially when it is outside of your hometown. The last time we had a Jam like this was in Ottawa, back in February, and a handful of the Montreal DJ's came up so it was only fitting that we go down to check how they do things and show support.

This was the 5th official Onvii scratch Jam, which takes place the first Sunday of each month, and like all session was broadcast live online at djweb.tv. Myself and two other DJ's from Ottawa attended; the idea peaked our interest from the get go and after watching some of the previous shows online we knew it was something to not be missed. In total there were almost 20 people who came to participate, all Scratch Junkies and music lovers alike. This included the crew of DJ's from France, that now live in Mtl and who are definitely influencing all those around them with their clean technical cuts, our group from Ottawa and locals from the Montreal area. I wish I could say I was able to take in everyone's name but none the less I don't see this being the last time we see each other.

It started with an hour or so of practicing and warming up before the live broadcast. The vibe was good and everyone was still feeling the room out but it didn't take long for us to start speaking to each other through our scratches. Every style was very unique and not one scratch was ever the same in the whole 2 hours we jammed for. The influences and ideas you get from being at an event like this cannot be duplicated through watching YouTube videos or listening to tutorials and audio clips, this is one of those things that unless you were there you won't have that seed planted in your brain. It is motivating to be at these sessions and it gets you to start exploring new patterns and techniques that you otherwise may not of come across so readily. Ever since I started checking this out I find my cuts have improved and how I approach each practice session at home has also shifted.  

Overall it was a great experience, I hope to attend more of these and help inspire more and more people to come Jam. If you are interested in participating at an event like this or are looking at setting something similar up in your city you should make the effort to check it out.  You can watch the Jam at djweb.tv

Shout out to all the DJ's that came out and everyone at Onvii Studio for letting us be a part of this.